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Nudge: the Real Ethical Debate?

I recently returned from my second trip to the Netherlands this year. As with my first visit I was speaking with various government officials and advisors about the application of behavioural insights to public policy design. Discussions are now fairly well advanced in the Netherlands concerning how the central government would like to apply nudge-type […]

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Neuroliberalism and Redefining Freedom

In this post we continue our discussion of the psychological state by considering the implications of emerging forms of psychological governance for our understanding of freedom. Psychological expressions of power (whether between counsellor and patient, or government and the people) have always had implications for established notions of freedom. In a therapeutic context, psychology has […]

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John Drummond – The Interview

As part of our ongoing research into emerging forms of behaviour change policy we spoke to the Chairman of Corporate Culture John Drummond. John is the founder of the Social Marketing Academy and Social Marketing Network. He has expertise in behaviour change, social change, branding and market-ledĀ CSR. John began life as a journalist before working […]

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