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Professor of Geography at Aberystwyth University

Global Nudge

Nudging all Over the World – The Final Report

We have recently completed a global scoping study of the rising impacts of the behavioural sciences on public policy design and execution. This report uncovers interesting geographical patterns in the global spread and application of nudge type policies.

The full report can be downloaded here nudgedesignfinal

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  1. Nudging all over the world: behaviour change & public policy | Common Cause - October 30, 2014

    […] A copy of our full Nudging all Over the World: Assessing the Global Impact of the Behavioural Sciences on Public Policy report can be downloaded here. […]

  2. Neuroscientifically informed public policy: beyond the behavioural turn, or part of it? – Governing Global Emotions - July 17, 2017

    […] It is by now well known the extent to which behavioural economics and social psychology have shaped policy making, with the UK being considered an experimental test bed for the application of behavioural insights to policy across a number of spheres. The UK’s Behavioural Insights Team, initiated in 2010 within government but then ‘spun out’ as a mutual social purpose company has far exceeded the 2 year sunset clause which would have seen it wind down had it not achieved public savings. Its policy areas have ranged from tax compliance to reducing missed hospital appointments, from public health campaigns to adult literacy/numeracy programmes, from charitable giving to improving completion rates for Army reservist applications.  There is a considerable amount of evidence collated for these efforts, as well as research which is responding to the ethical, practical, social, philosophical and legal implications posed by such developments – particularly in light of their spread around the world. […]

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