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Mindfulness developments

The last two month have been a busy time in relation to our ongoing mindfulness research. Rachel Lilley has been working hard to complete our 5th workplace based mindfulness programme with staff from Ogilvy Mather. In addition, Rachel and Jessica Pykett attended the Westminster launch of the Mindful Nation Report . This report provides a fascinating insight in to the application of mindfulness in a series of contexts including health, education, the criminal justice system, and various workplace settings, and provides a series of reflections on the challenges of delivering mindfulness more widely.


Rachel Lilley (left) and Jessica Pykett at the London launch of the Mindful Nation Report.

More recently, we were asked to contribute to a Ministerial Briefing on workplace applications of Mindfulness that was presented to members of the National Assembly for Wales. Rachel also spoke eloquently about our research at the Wales launch of the Mindful Nation Report in Cardiff. The Cardiff event was an inspiring meeting where we heard about the real difference that mindfulness is making in hospitals, schools, prisons and workplaces across Wales, and reflected on Wales’s pioneering role in supporting mindfulness.


Rachel Lilley and other presenters at the Cardiff launch of the Mindful Nation Report.

Finally, the last month has seen the publication of our first two pieces of peer reviewed work on Mindfulness. The first was published in the journal  Social and Cultural Geography and explores the delivery of our first Mindfulness, Behaviour Change and Engagement in Public Policy (MBCEPP) initiative to civil servants in Wales (paywall). The second has been published in Ecological Economics  and reflects on the link between mindfulness, sustainability and capabilities (paywall). These papers are currently protected by paywalls but we are happy to send copies to interested parties so do get in touch.

We hope to publish the latest evaluation reports associated with our most recent mindfulness trials over the next few months. So, all in all, it has been a busy, but rewarding, time.


Forthcoming report on Mindfulness in the Workplace.




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