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Book Review

Neurogovernment. And how it ‘works’.     A discussion of:  Mark Whitehead, Rhys Jones, Rachel Lilley, Jessica Pykett, and Rachel Howell. ‘Neuroliberalism. Behavioural Government in the Twenty-First Century.’ Routledge: London and New York. By Joram Feitsma Utrecht School of Governance (USG).  According to influential institutions as the OECD, World Bank, and the European Commision, governments are […]

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Legislative Limitations

I recently wrote a piece for the Guardian newspaper on the limitations associated with legislative attempts to curb the use of mobile phones while driving. In the article I layout some of the ways in which behavioural insights can inform policy developments in this area. The full article can be accessed here. As you will […]

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When behaviour change is not enough

I have to lay my cards on the table. I do believe that behaviour change initiatives can make a significant difference to people’s long-term wellbeing and to our broader collective attempts to protect the environment. Notwithstanding this position (which is most probably itself a fairly engrained bias, shaping the way I assess and think about […]

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